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Location: Vietnam

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Fundraising ended on 11 December 2016
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If you have ever visited Hanoi, you won't be surprised by what a overpopulated and crammed place the city is! With such a substantial number of dwellers, it is more than ever unlikely to fulfil the need for places to play of many kids in the city central. This affects the development of children both psychologically and physically, as it has become very common among kids to be obese, short-sighted and lack of social skills. Given such burning issue, there are, somehow, unused or misused spaces where, as we see, is as potential as a place to satisfy countless children's fantasies and creativities. Those , as we called, 'gaps' exist in the very corners of the city, with little or even no attention to how it is being wasted! Knowing this dilemma, the GAP project was born, with one slogan conveying our very burning desire: "cause no gaps should be forgotten", neither the gaps in the city's corners nor the spiritual gaps in the childhood of many kids.

Our main activities are recycling tires, wires,... as toys in the playground, as well as organize events for children. The place we choose is Thanh Xuan Bac, a collective zone near the city central. Our projects can solve many urban issues in Hanoi

  • the lack of playground that is free and approachable for children
  • the excessing amount of waste that create an unbearable strain on our environment
  • the low public awareness on the importance of children playing outdoors with friends

Feeling inspired? Build your own playground...