Playground for the children of slums

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Location: Nepal

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In every city there are children of slums who are living next to high-rises and swanky malls. When people think of poverty, they tend to focus on a child in a remote rural village. But today, an increasing number of children living in urban centres are among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in the world. They live tantalizingly close to essential, basic services but most of them are deprived of it. There is no enough safe space for the children where they can play, read, write or exchange each other's ideas. Child friendly spaces are the utmost need of the urban settlement when it comes to the children.

So, we are planning to create a neighborhood near to their settlements where all age children can come together and enjoy.  It opens space for assimilation of poor, deprived along with children from other communities and all age groups. The mingling of children of different background leads to knowing about each other and appreciate their challenges and situations. Our aim is to inspire children to support each other in education, peer counselling, child to child activities etc through the playground near to these children which will be called as Child Friendly Neighborhood (CFN). We have a dream  of a place  where children of all ages can develop physical, mental and social skills by working together to maintain their play areas and the area will offer opportunities to learn, to solve problems, to explore new things and to manipulate items.

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