Play for Life Australia

Service Region: Australia

Sponsor Type: Global Play Alliance

About Us

Play for Life, a newly established not-for-profit organisation, is founded on the critical role of lifelong play, which is central to our continued well-being, resilience and adaptation to change and our social cohesiveness as a community. From the time of birth, we are built for play and through play. The ability to play is critical not only to being happy but also to sustaining social relationships and being a creative and innovative person. Play for Life uses play to initiate important, innovative, and effective social change projects, with a focus on disadvantage and children and youth.

Our first project is The Pod, a play initiative which focuses on primary school children.

The Pod is a modified shipping container or “pod” full of high quality “loose parts” play materials. This is clean, safe industrial scrap, otherwise destined for landfill, only recycled for use in the Pod and can be anything from old car tyres, to cardboard tubing, milk crates, steering wheels, used keyboards and telephones, to fabric and dress-ups – the list is endless…..

The Pod is delivered into primary schools in order to stimulate and enhance “self-directed” play opportunities at lunchtime for kids and support their behaviour and learning in school. This physical resource is accompanied by human resource who works with the school community, parents and business to ensure that the opportunities for rich and productive play are optimised at school and also at home. – See more at:

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1 Market St, Newport VIC 3015, Australia